Consultancy & Training

As well as my interests in research and teaching, I also offer consultancy and training in playful approaches to learning, as follows.

My workshops and events are noted for their creativity and high engagement levels:

“Our students were engaged and enthusiastic to an extraordinary degree.” (head of department); “It was a very enjoyable and different way of learning!” (student) ; “Your presentation was consistently rated highly in participants’ feedback and certainly got everyone thinking about the process of design” (commercial training lead).

Specific workshops and training are available in:


I am a fully certified LSP Facilitator, trained under Robert Rasmussen.

LSP provides an engaging and playful approach to complex or intangible problems. It has been used to help improve teamwork, to develop strategy, to solve problems in a system, to help with future planning, for organisational change, etc.

It is unique amongst business planning methods in that it ensures that every participant has equal and valid input at every stage; and encourages deep thinking and reflection after just a short introduction and practical exercise.

Workshops can take from four hours for simple team-building sessions, through to 2-3 days for complex systems investigation, design, or strategy developments.

I provide all materials and facilitation for up to 12 participants.

Ten-step Rapid Game Design Workshop

Together with Nicola Whitton, we have designed and extensively tested a rapid game design workshop for education settings.

Ideally over 90 minutes (though we have run it in 60 and much longer sessions) participants are taken through ten stages, drawn directly from game design approaches, and create often excellent prototypes of games for use in their own contexts.

I or Nicola can run the workshop individually for up to 20 participants; or together up to 40 participants.