I design games for adult learning in education and museums.

Prototype cards

Early prototype of Curate-a-fact

As new games are designed, I’ll be adding them to this site. To date, I have designed:

  • The Great History Conundrum, Archaeology Challenge, and English Mysteries: a game engine and set of puzzles that I use to teach research skills to students at my own institution. The Great History Conundrum is also used at Sheffield University.
    You can find out more about the game through this presentation I made at the HEA History Subject Centre conference in 2011; and within Whitton & Moseley (2012): “Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching:a beginners’ guide“.
  • Of Course! boardgame, to help course teams design new programmes in higher education.
    Read more about it here.
  • Curate-a-fact: a simple card game that can be played by 10-200 people at conferences or events, to help them network and engage with conference themes. Also Case Histories and Diagnose Me, an application of the game for medical teaching (working with the Wellcome Collection) and ARG-cards: a game design application that has been used to create quick ideas for games.
    Read more about them here.
  • I have also been involved as a puzzle and game framework designer on the following two alternate reality games:
    Sleeper Cell: an ARG for Cancer Research UK, that raised £4000 for the charity. Read about it here.
    HistBattles: a set of nine ARGs designed to teach Danish children (13-18) about the history of Lolland-Falster islands.
Playing cards

Museum professionals playing Curate-a-fact

I’m always interested in creating new games in these areas: please contact me if you have a need or idea you’d like to talk through.