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Call for articles: Engagement, Games/Simulations and Learning

Simulation & GamingTogether with Nicola Whitton, Manchester Metropolitan University, we are guest editing a special issue of Simulation & Gaming on the important theme of Engagement, Simulation/Gaming and Learning.

We are seeking submissions from a range of viewpoints and theoretical bases, using a variety of research methods and approaches, as well as articles that provide a practical perspective grounded in research.  We hope that this symposium will offer a holistic and critical analysis of engagement – as well as related ideas such as motivation, commitment, immersion and flow – and an evaluation of its relevance and value in the sphere of educational game and simulation design, implementation and debriefing.

We encourage a variety of different types of articles related to engagement, simulation/gaming and learning, including topics such as:

  • engagement theory from different disciplinary perspectives
  • the relationship between engagement, games and learning
  • factors influencing levels of engagement with games and simulations
  • case studies evidencing engagement in games and simulations
  • ways in which to evaluate and measure engagement
  • engagement in reflection and debriefing with games and simulations

The full call for articles can be downloaded here (pdf).

Games on a budget

ECGBL 2011 will be held in Athens this year (Oct 20-21), and myself and Nic Whitton are running the following track within it:

Across the world, education is being hit hard by funding and quality crises, with increasing pressure to increase student achievement with decreasing resources. The feasibility of game-based learning can be limited by the cost of design, development or purchase. We welcome papers to this stream which focus on case studies and theoretical proposals for game-based methods which will be cheap and effective enough to be persuasive choices in this environment.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The development of games cheaply (including simple games, non/low-digital games, alternative reality games, simple/mixed media etc)
  • Using game-based techniques in traditional teaching
  • Theories and methods for efficient design and integration of games into the curriculum
  • Case studies of successful, efficient and economical game-based learning
  • Examples of low-cost technological solutions for game development

For submission details, see the call for papers page.

Come and join us in discussing the role of games in the future of higher education; the conference is a good discursive one too, with plenty of opportunity for international networking.