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Alt-C 2008 Day 1: Games

It’s been a hectic but very rewarding day at Alt-C 2008 (the UK’s Learning Technology conference) in Leeds. I was on the first session of the day, following a great presentation by Hans Rosling from the Karolinska Institutein Sweden (with some very nifty graphics work designed by his Google son).

A full-on Games session, with Nicola Whitton up first with her ARGOSI project in Manchester: A full ARG to induct students into Manchester and student life: very interesting indeed (I’ll be following this one). Actually, Nicola and her team weren’t there to start the session: the audience had to piece together clues to find a mobile number to call her on and get her to turn up. Nice introduction to ARGs for the uninitiated.

I was on third, miked up (Madonna-style) to the elluminate system (I’ll add a link to the video when it appears), and presented my new research into Perplex City (the ARG game) which resulted in my ARG Key Features for Education – see next post.

I also had the audience working for their supper, with some MOO cards printed with fragments of quotes whcih had to be pieced together during the session. Asking a bit much in 15 minutes (as I knew), but they did me proud by piecing them together interactively as they read them out.

The full session was blogged by Andy Powell and the questions and audience for all speakers were interested and clued-in (surprisingly).

It later turned out that there is something of a wave of interest in ARGs at the moment, so the whole day was spent talking to interested and interesting people: more to come on this.

On Leeds: it’s a huge campus in rabbit-warren style; but I was most impressed by the typeface display the design faculty had put up around building hoardings. Appealed to the font geek in me.